Read Klopp’s Reaction To Star Player’s Chip

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Read Klopp’s Reaction To Star Player’s Chip

Yet another victory and a clean sheet for Liverpool, but was Klopp satisfied with the goal keeper’s chip?

Liverpool were in front as they led through Mohammed Salah against Brighton but when the tension was high in the second half, the shot-stopper decided to entertain the fans by outrageously flicking over the ball pass Knockaert.

He took not just the attention of the crowd but also their breathes away as they watched and applauded his effort.

He also tried to swerve the ball squarely and nearly lost the ball but was lucky to have escaped by extending his leg to push the ball away from Brighton’s striker.

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However, Klopp was more concerned about the last minute save that would have ended their clean sheet and perhaps the much needed three point.

“The chip was not too cool. Allison is a goal keeper who can obviously play football. He is confident enough to do it. Its all okay. He did it to sort the situation. I like the save more than the chip!”

“I had few centre-backs who were able to do things that a centre-back should not do. Matt Hummels constantly did things where we thought it made no sense but it ended up being good.” Said Klopp.

If any of the skills didn’t end well, he would probably have walked alone. Liverpool are currently on top of the table with 9 points and will look forward to continuing this flying form in the next fixture against Leicester City at the King Power Stadium on the 1st of September.

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