New-look Kate Moss has been teetotal for 12 months and now enjoys healthy eating and going to the gym 

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KATE MOSS has plenty to celebrate today but she won’t be doing it by partying with friends or sinking champagne.

In the week Adrian Chiles spoke on TV about his own excessive boozing, we can tell you one of Britain’s biggest caners has gone teetotal.

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Former caner Kate Moss has now been teetotal for a year[/caption]


Kate’s new life is a far cry from her party girl past[/caption]

The supermodel used to drink so much that she was nicknamed “The Tank” and could often be found downing prosecco in the morning, wine and vodka at lunch, then partying into the night.

But a year ago today Kate, 44, took the decision to quit booze — and much to her friends’ surprise she has stuck to it.

In that time she has forged a close bond with singer Kelly Osbourne, 33, who herself has given up booze and drugs.

Kate now has mocktails on nights out and attends events for just an hour, where she poses for photos before heading home.

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Kate has former a close bond with Kelly Osbourne, who herself has quit booze and drugs[/caption]

Kate’s toyboy lover Count Nikolai Von ­Bismarck has also given up the booze

And she has avoided moving in with toyboy lover Count Nikolai Von ­Bismarck, 31 — descendant of Germany’s 19th-century Iron Chancellor, Otto Von Bismarck — also now teetotal, so they can each focus on their own health.

Last night a source close to the catwalk queen told the Sun on Sunday: “Kate is like a new woman and a much better version of herself. She is focused, professional and glowing with health.

“Everyone is amazed at how well she has done in not drinking for a whole year, considering what she used to be like.

“But she has found it easier as time has gone on — and when you see her she is actually more chatty and confident as she doesn’t have that fake confidence that drinking gives you.”

A week and a half ago, a fresh-faced Kate and Nikolai were spotted enjoying an afternoon date in West London’s Notting Hill.

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A fresh-faced Kate in June alongside Gigi Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski[/caption]

Just last week she was snapped by close friend Sadie Frost, looking happy and healthy when they dropped in to see their mutual pal Nick Grimshaw on his holiday in Spain.

And this summer Kate went for a Med cruise aboard a luxury yacht that avoided the usual hedonistic resorts, stopping at health retreats instead.

She was accompanied on the trip by Nikolai, ex-husband ­Jefferson Hack and their 15-year-old daughter Lila, and Sadie.


Kate strikes a pose alongside Rita Ora[/caption]

Our source said: “Kate has had a relaxing and low-key summer. In Turkey, she and Nikolai spent some time in a health spa. They have also been to Greek islands including Corfu.”

It is a far cry from Kate’s ­previous summer breaks.

In June 2015, The Sun told how she celebrated the end of a week-long detox in Turkey by knocking back wine and vodka then having to be escorted off an easyJet flight back to Britain.

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Kate’s new lifestyle is a far cry from her days dating rocker Pete Doherty[/caption]

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Kate and Pete dated on-and-off between 2005 and 2007[/caption]

Witnesses told how “tipsy” Kate became disruptive when she was unable to sit next to pals including actress Sadie.

And she allegedly called the female pilot a “basic bitch” as she was led from the plane at Luton airport.

In August the next year, after a short spell off the booze, we revealed how Kate fell off the wagon “spectacularly” on a trip to Greece with Nikolai and friends.

Kate (pictured with Rita Ora) has also been working hard on her modelling agency

And last May we told how the model had a drunken row with a guest at the Cannes Film Festival.

But fast-forward to this summer and Kate — who was pictured allegedly taking cocaine in 2005 and previously dated druggie rocker Pete Doherty — was ­wowing fans at appearances in the UK.

In July, she dazzled at the Adidas Prouder launch at a Soho gallery, where onlookers noticed she avoided booze and left after just an hour.

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Kate’s days of drinking in the back of her chauffeur’s Merc are over[/caption]

A showbiz source said: “Kate came into the gallery, and looked great — very healthy and fresh-faced.

“She looked at some of the artworks and trainers, spoke to a few people, then did a few photos and left with her driver.

“It was very unlike Kate, as she turned up on time, did what she had to do and left. Nikolai was there as well, and looking healthy.

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Kate wowed onlookers at an adidas event in July[/caption]

“It just showed how Kate has taken back control of her life and is healthy and extremely professional these days.”

Pals say Kate’s resolve was strengthened by the tragic death of her close pal and modelling muse, Annabelle Neilson, in July, aged 49.

She was even able to give a reading at the one-time heroin addict’s funeral in Knightsbridge, West London.

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Kate was devastated by the death of her friend Annabelle Neilson in July[/caption]

Our source explained: “You might have imagined Kate seeking solace in drink but it has had the opposite effect, as Annabelle was a wild child and Kate took it as a warning.”

Earlier in the summer, Kate looked radiant during lunch at posh London restaurant Annabel’s with Kelly.

Although reports at the time said the pals had enjoyed a “wild night out”, we can confirm both Kate and the former caner stuck to soft drinks.

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Kate gave a reading during Annabelle’s funeral[/caption]

At events, Kate always tries to sit next to Kelly, the daughter of rocker Ozzy and Sharon who has spoken openly about quitting booze and drugs.

Our source added: “Kate and Kelly are really close and speak all the time.

“They are always on hand for a chat and to give each other support.

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Kate used to drink so much she was nicknamed The Tank[/caption]

“They have a lot in common and are enjoying life a lot more now they have cut out ­partying. They’ve really bonded.”

Days after her dinner with Kelly, Kate went out to Greece for the launch of Nammos Village shopping centre in Mykonos.

She appeared alongside pal “Fat Tony” Marnach as part of their “Fat Moss” DJ partnership, and was pictured with fellow models Emily Ratajowski and Gigi Hadid at the glitzy party where the champagne flowed.

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Kate and ‘Fat Tony’ Marnach who DJ together as Fat Moss[/caption]

But she wasn’t snapped with a drink and jetted into the event on a private jet and left Mykonos the next morning.

She has placed a “new focus” on the Fat Moss partnership as well as expanding her talent agency into the US.

Kate was even seen at the Met Gala in New York in May.


Kate attended the Met Gala in New York in May, her first time at the event in years[/caption]

It was her her first time at the event for a while, having been unable to attend for several years after her alleged drug taking led to problems getting a visa to enter the US.

The source explained: “There has been a surge of interest in Fat Moss.

“It is so popular they are turning down a lot of gigs, and it has taken off partly because Kate has really got her act together.

“Tony is a reformed drinker and drug taker and has been able to collaborate with Kate a lot more after she gave up partying.

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Tony and Kate are in high demand as DJs[/caption]

“She’s also been back and forth to the States a lot, and that just would not be happening if it was the old Kate.”

Kate has been seeking advice from Tony. The 52-year-old DJ confessed in a recent interview to taking drugs every day for 28 years.

He now counsels ­people on getting clean and has helped Kate as she focuses on Fat Moss.


Our source added: “Kate has changed so much.

“She used to drink everything — beer, prosecco, wine and vodka, and would often have a drink in the back of her chauffeur’s Merc.

“She would turn up at places and cause a scene — but she is in control now.”

Our revelations come after Kate told in an interview in February how she had joined a gym and taken up healthy eating.

She said: “I’ve noticed an improvement since I’ve been more ‘on it’ with food.”

And reformed Kate’s nearest and dearest will no doubt be hoping that improvement ­continues to last.