May refuses to deny that no-deal Brexit could lead to hard border in Ireland – Politics live

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Rolling coverage of the first day of the Tory conference in Birmingham, including Theresa May’s interview with Andrew Marr

When Andrew Marr interviewed Jeremy Corbyn in Liverpool last week, he devoted much of it to antisemitism and invited Corbyn (without much success) to deliver some from of mea culpa on air to the Jewish community. Today the most interesting part of his interview with Theresa May came when he asked her to own apology to the Windrush migrants. Again, he did not get a proper apology, but it made for compelling TV. Perhaps it says something about the state of our politics that both main leaders are having to spend so much of their time finding off calls to say sorry. I’m sure it wasn’t always quite like this.

Overall, it was a very defensive interview. The general assumption is that you are supposed to use these opportunities to announce something newsy. But the housing announcement put out by the Tories overnight (see 9.17am) got a minimal reference, and otherwise it was mostly Windrush and Brexit, on both of which May was on the back foot.

I can only apologise for what Sarah went through, and for what her family have gone through. This shouldn’t have happened. We are doing everything we can to ensure that we are supporting those who have found themselves in difficulties as a result of being part of the Windrush generation, of not having the documents that guaranteed their status.

If you look at what has happened to the Windrush generation, actually there are people who found themselves in some difficulty without documents before we came into government.

For most people, they do want to know that the government is taking action against those people who come to this country illegally or who stay in this country illegally. What we need to do is make sure that, in doing that, we don’t find people who have every right to be here being caught up in it.

The purpose of the policy was – and we maintain a compliant environment policy – is to ensure that those people who are here illegally are identified and appropriate action is taken.

I apologise for the fact that some people who should not have been caught up in that were caught up in that with, in some cases, tragic results.

If we leave with no deal, we as the United Kingdom government are still committed to doing everything we can to ensure there is no hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.

The point is very simple. Until we know what their [the EU’s] problem is – that’s what we need; we need to know what their concerns are.

This is from ITV’s Carl Dinnen.

That looked like a pretty stoney silence between @theresa_may and @AndrewMarr9 at the end of the interview. #cpc18

Wonderful final playout shot on #Marr. He thanks PM for coming on as credits play, but gets nothing but the icey stare from her in return. Marr resorts to instead nervously shuffling his papers.

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