Eric Cantona delivers blunt verdict on Jose Mourinho at Man United

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Eric Cantona has said that he believes Jose Mourinho has Manchester United playing the “wrong way.”

Cantona also dared to say United should be managed by Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola, though he refused to name the club.

Mourinho has never been known for an entertaining brand of football, and Cantona believes his former side are suffering as a result.

He told the Daily Mail: “I like Mourinho. He has a good personality but not for United – they should have [Pep] Guardiola as coach.

“He should be there, but he is doing magic with that other club. The club I cannot name.

“It is early in the season… too early to tell. Manchester United is a great club and will always be great.

“They will win things, I know they will. But the way they play? Not good.

“The manager has them playing the wrong way for the fans. No fun, no creativity.”

Cantona played for United spent five years at United from 1992 to 1997 and cemented himself as one of the most iconic players in their illustrious history.

His mercurial nature bears many similarities to Mourinho, however, Cantona was always one to impress crowds with breath-taking skill alongside unrelenting passion.

The two also perhaps diverge on discipline; Cantona is famous for losing his, whilst Mourinho’s entire managerial philosophy is built upon completing assignments.

It is stark that Cantona feels the need to mention Pep Guardiola and all but mention Manchester City.

Sir Alex Ferguson’s United sides played both attractive and winning football, similar to Guardiola, though that is about where the similarities end.

United built itself into a global powerhouse on these principles, and this is perhaps why Cantona has made such a statement, which the most devout of United followers may see as an act of betrayal.

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