Daughter of Egypt hotel couple confronts officials over their deaths – as it emerges 200 sick holidaymaker have lodged complaints against resort

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THE daughter of a British couple who died mysteriously at a hotel in Egypt has confronted senior officials over their deaths.

Kelly Ormerod travelled to the Egyptian resort town of Hurghada to meet Governor Ahmed Abdallah- only to be told her parents’ deaths were “normal for an old Englishman and his wife”.

Kelly Ormerod met senior officials in Egypt to confront them over her parents’ deaths

It came as it emerged almost 200 people have lodged sickness complaints against the Thomas Cook resort where John Cooper,69, and wife Susan, 64 died.

The tour operator is widening the probe into the deaths of the couple, who died within hours of each other after falling ill at the hotel.

Authorities claim they died of “heart and respiratory failure”, but Kelly, 40, maintains “something suspicious has gone on”.

She arrived back at Manchester Airport with her three children this morning, flanked by staff from Thomas Cook.

A spokesperson at the airport told MailOnline: “We needed to give the family privacy so they were taken out of a private door. It is such a difficult and tragic time for them and we wanted to make sure there were no cameras around.

“Kelly definitely won’t be giving any interviews.”

Mystery still surrounds the deaths of John and Susan Cooper

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Kelly Ormerod, right, pictured with her parents[/caption]

Grieving Kelly Omerod travelled to Egypt to search for answers

Armed police patrolled the airport arrivals hall and security guards stood outside as grieving Kelly and her children disappeared into a taxi.

The family were driven 45 miles back to their home in Burnley, Lancashire, which is just a mile from the house of her parents.

While in Egypt, Governor Ahmed Abdallah offered her his condolences but in an earlier statement branded the couple’s deaths “normal’ for an ‘English old man and his wife”.

The minister of tourism, Rania Elmashatt, also called the grieving daughter to convey her condolences.

Around 300 Brits — many who also say they were ill — have been moved from the all-inclusive Aqua Magic Hotel in Hurghada.

One holidaymaker who was sick shared a photo of raw chicken he says the hotel served him.

And a food scientist revealed a “long history” of concerns about the hotel.

Richard Conroy, owner of the UK’s largest holiday sickness compensation firm SickHoliday.com, said his firm alone had lodged 195 claims against the hotel since 2014.

Food allegtions… at the Aqua Magic Hotel

Of those, 174 related to holidays organised by Thomas Cook.

Mr Conroy said: “Sadly this hotel has a long track record of holiday sickness claims being made against it over a number of years.

“It simply isn’t acceptable and tour operators need to be held accountable.”

Food poisoning kills 420,000 people a year worldwide.

Lawyer Nick Harris, who is representing another 20 families suing the hotel and has previously settled a similar number against it, said he now feared a “cover-up”.

Bev Vanstone needed medical care after suffering food poisoning

Mr Harris, of Leeds law firm Simpson Millar, said: “The government there doesn’t want damage to the tourism industry.

“Thomas Cook doesn’t want its profits damaged and the hotel doesn’t want to be shut down.

“Most of the complaints we are dealing with from this hotel are to do with food.”

Paul Vanstone, 41, who shared the chicken photo, was with wife Bev, his mum and two kids when four of them were struck by stomach cramps, vomiting and diarrhoea.

Paul, from Oxford, said: “My wife was treated for gastroenteritis, my 16-year-old daughter went down with a vomiting and diarrhoea bug, and two days before leaving I had really bad stomach cramps and diarrhoea.”

Pink… the raw chicken the Vanstone’s believe made them ill

Yesterday around 100 Brits who were staying at the hotel landed back in Manchester after being flown home by Thomas Cook.

Dale Watson, 38, from Newcastle, said: “Five of us fell ill. We thought it was food poisoning, but no one really knows the truth.”

The Coopers, of Burnley — where Susan was a Thomas Cook employee — were with daughter Kelly Ormerod and her three kids when they died.

Thomas Cook have removed British tourists from the hotel in Hurghada
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Kelly watched her “fit and healthy” parents die in front of her.

But Aqua Magic general manager Dieter Geigerat said there was no evidence to support an illness spate.

He added: “The doctor’s preliminary report indicates that death was due to natural causes.”

A friend of the Coopers said: “The Egyptians seem to have come up with some nonsense that John had a heart attack and Susan keeled over from shock.

“But they were as fit as fiddles.”

One holidaymaker claimed a rep said the couple died from carbon monoxide.

But Egypt’s top prosecutor dismissed the claims of poisonous gas emissions in their room.

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