Bold beauty fans are rocking crop tops made out of GLITTER… so would YOU wear one?

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LET’S be honest, we all wish we could get away with covering ourselves in glitter on an everyday basis.

And while rhinestone cheeks and sequined body parts are part and parcel of festival season, bold beauty trendsetters have turned their love of glitter into something of an experimental fashion statement…

Bank holiday Monday outfit sorted!✨🙌🏼Time to relax, chill and sparkle!🌈

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Yes you can now (kind of) get away with rocking an everyday crop top made entirely of glitter.

And let’s just say, it’s not a look for the fashion faint-hearted.

The Go Get Glitter Instagram account was the first to share the divisive fashion trend with their 285,000 followers.

And while other users are already aspiring to “wear [this amount] of glitter one day”, we’re still a little on the fence.


There’s no denying this glittery creation would look amazing under a white t-shirt[/caption]

Are glitter crop tops best left to festival season?

On the one hand, we can totally get behind injecting a little shimmer into our everyday lives.

Because there’s no denying even a small dusting of glitter can brighten up even the most dull of overcast days. Right?

But on the other, there’s all sorts of practical things to consider.

Firstly, what happens if it rains? Are you going to be left with an awkward nipple-flashing situation?


This incredible glitter crop may be a bit OTT for everyday wear… but it would look amazing underneath a simple t-shirt[/caption]


This is a crop top that deserves to be shown off… and worn on an everyday basis[/caption]

Or worse still, won’t it get itchy after a while?

To be totally honest, we can’t imagine having glitter (not to mention all the gems) glued to your chest is the most comfortable crop top we’ve ever come across.

On the plus side though, it does look INCREDIBLE paired with high-waisted jeans and a leather jacket.


We’re obsessed with this ornate glitter crop top… and it even comes with a matching belt[/caption]

Or really commit to the eye-catchingly glittery look by paring with an equally ornate matching belt. It’s up to you.

Anyone fancy taking one for the team by giving glitter crop tops a go? We’re all ears.

For even more bold beauty looks, would you dare to wear glitter on your forehead?

Plus glitter eyebrows have arrived on Instagram and people are already queuing up to try them.

And glitter boobs and bums are back for festival season… and this year they’ve got a fruity twist.