Bizarre pictures show complete strangers who look IDENTICAL to one another

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SOME might say its spooky coincidence while others might claim there’s a glitch in the matrix but these photos indicate that there might be a doppelganger for everyone somewhere in the world.

The pictures compiled by BoredPanda show complete strangers going about their daily lives and then running into complete strangers who look just like them.

These ladies might be in need of some (retail) therapy after this
Bored Panda

Whether its going about doing a bit of shopping for the latest fashions, spending the day at work or riding the bus, these images show your ‘twin’ may possibly be just around the corner.

Or turning up to beer festivals with their partners dressed just like you.

In one particularly freaky picture four blonde-haired women, dressed very similarly, are sat behind one another on a train.

Just remember your identical ‘twin’ could even be standing in line right behind you as you queue up to buy a ticket.

Ticket to ride

You could lose your train of thought seeing these four
Bored Panda

Magic bus

Were these two separated at birth?
Bored Panda

Double-double vision

Too much beer can make you see double
Bored Panda

Tight spot

Can you spot what these two people did?
Bored Panda

I walk the line

Are these women having a bad hair day?
Bored Panda


These two women were spotted at a Coldplay gig in Gothenburg
Bored Panda

News of the world

You might need to do a double-take on the news
Bored Panda

This is plane crazy

These two bumped into one another at an airport
Bored Panda

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before

This tune might be familiar
Bored Panda

Double dinner date

I’ve have what they’re having
Bored Panda

Mystery train

Dozing off on the commute
Bored Panda

The league of bald-headed gentlemen

You might end up splitting hairs trying to tell these three apart
Bored Panda

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