Brexit Westminster is like the Crystal Maze on crystal meth

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A looking-glass world where truth last milliseconds and every MP wants to play the joker

The only person missing was Prince Edward. Brexit has now turned Westminster into the Crystal Maze on crystal meth. A looking-glass world where any truth has a half-life measured in milliseconds, where normal rules no longer apply and every MP is desperate to play the joker. The best the rest of us can hope for is to wake up to find we had been dropped into the ninth series of Dallas and that the last few years have just been a bad dream. Imagine how good that would feel.

This was the day when the pupils chose to put their own school in special measures because they had lost faith in their teachers. When parliament sought to take back control of parliament. Precisely the form of taking back control the government had always insisted the country didn’t have in mind when it had voted to take back control. But then the government now barely has control over its bowels as everything it touches turns to shit. There is no area of public life it hasn’t found a way to do badly.

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