Is Nigeria Ready For Youthful Leadership?

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The belief that Nigeria’s leadership problem lies within the age factor is held by Nigerians, elite and proletariat alike.

Citing health problems, lack of profound knowledge and the false display of empathy to the needs of the existing and evolving society as their defence, their beliefs are not unfounded. Nigeria continues to rank as one of the most corrupt nations in the world, the polity is characterized by debts and the masses continue to decry the disassociation of reality by her leaders and the trend of using electoral office as a retirement home.

Nigeria’s Presidential Seat. Photo: Nairaland Forum

Owing to this, the call for the entry of youths into the Nigerian political sphere has been on the increase. As such, the NotTooYoungToRun bill, which will enable the reduction of the age of people running for office, was appraised an important bill in the Nigerian political sphere and a welcome development in a country. The bill, Nigerians argued, will allow for the introduction of fresh and innovative ideas in an enabling environment.

In this regard, Nigerians have witnessed the of young and vibrant citizens who are promising to get rid or improve on the recycled manifestoes of the different governments to the benefit of society.

Yet, a school of thought believes that the young when giving the opportunity will not fare any better based on the ideals they hold. Itse Sagay, Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee Against Corruption, opines “It is shallow-thinking for anyone to think that if a youth becomes president, he will do better than the older one”.

He argues that the ideals of the current generation are centred around the desire to make wealth through any means.

Keep a date with us tomorrow as we question if youthfulness necessarily translates to good leadership.

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