Adetutu Oluwatosin: Emerging Into The Fashion Industry With A Bang

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27-year-old Adetutu Oluwatosin Adewunmi emerged as the Menswear Designer of the Year at the recently concluded Nigerian Students Fashion And Design Week (NSFDW).

Adetutu, the creative director of urban and street style brand FAMS NG, says that his love with the fashion industry began at a tender age. “I found that it was difficult for me to get my choice of clothes at stores. Unfortunately, couldn’t get what I wanted so I had to settle with what was offered until I discovered i could sketch my idea of clothes.” Discovering that he could sketch, he resorted to sketching and giving his friends for free. But his sketching begat another problem: tailors could not properly interpret the sketches.

Luck, however, shined on him when a tailor he met along the line advised him to sell his sketches due to the unique design of his art.

This he continued to do until his friend told him about the Nigerian Students Fashion And Design Week (NSFDW). Not knowing what he was up against, he decided to be proactive by researching a little on the past winners and deciding on what creative catch phrase to use. Adetutu’s hard work paid off. He hinges his success on what he describes as “very important keywords”: hard work, sacrifice and dedication.

The finance graduate of the University of Ilorin notes that’s life as a designer in the industry is not all bed of roses. In this regard, he lists “finance, Electricity and capable and reliable Labor force (artisans that can interpret your designs and deliver as at when due)” as the major challenges encountered by a new designer.

He, however, opines that the Nigerian Fashion industry is still developing but at a fast pace. He said this while emphasizing on the need to establish more platforms such as the NSFDW to promote young and upcoming designers.

Adetutu who will be showcasing his work at the African Fashion Week in Houston promises that to fashion enthusiasts with his creatively infused traditional and street style pieces.