Folasheva Releases Sensual Visuals For Breathe Featuring Mich Straaw

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Everybody gushes over love stories and romanticism and Breathe by Folasheva featuring Mich Straaw gives a sensual tone to a perfect love story.

Brilliantly directed by MrNVMB3R, the ‘Breathe’ video takes us on a rollercoaster of emotions. Every note in the lyric has meaning. Although the song is quite sensual, the scenes are portrayed respectfully. The production and lyrics are quite impressive for an artist who hasn’t really broken ground in the Nigerian music scene.

Folasheva and Mich Straw have soothing and romantic tones that just fits the message perfectly.

FolaSheva, is an emerging Nigerian Hip Hop & RnB artist, songwriter and record producer. Born Folarin Ayeni, on the 25th November in Lagos, Nigeria, where he was also raised, he began covering popular songs with the piano at the age of 15.

He has been churning out songs as an independent artist for over 5 years. He released his debut album ‘When The World Turn Story’ (WTWTS) in late November 2018. The 9 track project, shows Folasheva’s versatility. He takes his listeners on a journey, through different genres, showing his lyrical prowess, both as a rapper, singer, producer and all-around creative. He features other talented acts like Maka, Mich Straaw, Oz, Rubunu, and James Mavrik on this project.

Check out the video below.