Ryder Cup 2018: Sunday singles – live!

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Fleetwood goes the way of Casey at 1. Glug. Finau will win that hole unless he takes driver for his ten-footer. Tiger lags up from distance at 2 to share the spoils with Rahm. And Rory’s in a spot of trouble at 5, shortsided and in thick rough. He whips a chip over the flag to 15 feet, the best he could do, but unless he makes that one, Thomas will have two putts from 30 feet for the hole.

2UP McIlroy v Thomas (4)
Casey A/S Koepka (3)
Rose v Simpson 1UP (2)
1UP Rahm v Woods (2)
Fleetwood v Finau 1UP (1)
Poulter v Johnson

Fleetwood sends his second at 1 into Casey’s Bunker. That’s going to be a tricky one, down the glassy green. Especially as Finau has wedged over the flag to 12 feet. On 2, Rahm shows Fleetwood the way to go; he’s in the bunker at the back, and flips a delicate shot out, sending his ball dribbling down close to the flag. That’s delightfully judged.

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