Downtown Cincinnati shooting: what we know

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Emergency personnel and police respond to a reported active shooter situation near Fountain Square, Thursday, Sept. 6, 2018, in downtown Cincinnati.

Multiple people were shot and killed, according to city officials.

There was a mass shooting in downtown Cincinnati on Thursday. Four, including the shooter, were killed, and others were injured, according to city officials.

The shooting occurred at the Fifth Third Bank building near Fountain Square, which is at the core of downtown. Authorities said the threat has been neutralized, though multiple people were shot and some were killed.

The story is still developing. Here’s what we know, and don’t, so far.

What we know

  • At about 9:10 am local time, police received calls of shots fired at the Fifth Third Center in downtown Cincinnati, Cincinnati Police Chief Eliot Isaac said at a press conference. Police engaged the shooter shortly after.
  • Three people and the shooter were believed to be killed, Isaac said. Others were injured, with some still being treated in the hospital.
  • No police officers were injured in the shooting, according to Isaac.
  • There is no longer a threat in downtown Cincinnati, city officials said. “Downtown is safe,” Mayor John Cranley emphasized, pointing to the city’s historically low crime rates.
  • Local hospitals have called on people to donate blood to help with the response.
  • The Fountain Square area, where the shooting took place, is a very busy part of downtown Cincinnati, often used for major events and celebrations. The surrounding area is also a big hub for entertainment, food, and jobs in the city.
  • Mayor Cranley called on the country to do something about the shootings, noting that no other developed country deals with the levels of gun violence that the US does.

What we don’t know

  • The identity of the shooter(s)
  • The motive of the shooter(s)
  • The final casualty count