iPhone 9 release date REVEALED – all the specs, features, leaked photos and price news so far

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APPLE fans are readying their wallets for the new iPhone 9 launch, due in September.

With just a few days to go until the next models come out, we’ve rounded up everything you can expect from Apple’s new blower.

iPhone 9
Here’s the most official-looking shot of the new iPhone 9 – in a spiffing gold hue
new iphone 2018
Apple’s old iPhone design is going out the window – according to rumours, anyway
new iphone 2018
The new look will mimic last year’s swanky iPhone X design, apparently

iPhone X 2018 and iPhone 9 release date – when are they out?

Apple is a creature of habit, which means iPhone launch dates never really surprise us.

The big iPhone reveal always takes place in September each year, generally on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

This year, Apple has scheduled its event for Wednesday, September 12.

But when will you be able to buy it in stores?

new iphone 2018
Phone case makers are already leaking designs, which is a good indication that Apple’s blower is nearly ready to launch

Generally, Apple will start flogging its phones in the middle of the month, almost always on a Friday.

Based on that very consistent history, we reckon Friday, September 21 is the date for this year’s iPhone retail release. We’re expecting pre-order availability from September 14.

iPhone 9 design – what’s new?

Last year, Apple showed off three phones: the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

The first two featured Apple’s traditional iPhone design, but the latter introduced a brand new look.

This involved scrapping the Home button and fingerprint scanner completely – and introducing a new Face ID facial recognition system instead.

By doing this, Apple was able to fill almost all of the iPhone X’s front with screen.

The only exception is a small “notch” at the top of the display that houses the camera and some other sensors.

new iphone 2018
Apple is tipped to retain the “notch” at the top of the iPhone screen, as per these dummy units

Apple’s new design received critical acclaim, and has proved so popular that we’ll likely see it again this year.

In fact, leaks and expert tips all point to Apple using the iPhone X design across all three phone models this year.

There’ll supposedly be a straight iPhone X successor with the same 5.8-inch OLED display. – likely called the iPhone XS.

Then we’re expecting an iPhone XS Plus model, which is reportedly going to have a huge 6.5-inch OLED screen.

Excitingly, this device is tipped to be the same size as last year’s iPhone 8 Plus – although the old design meant that phone was only able to pack in a 5.5-inch display.

Finally, we’re expecting a more budget device with a 6.1-inch screen that uses a cheaper LCD display.

This may be named iPhone 9, although we’re not sure just yet.

new iphone 2018
Here’s an iPhone X 2018 dummy unit (left) compared to an iPhone X 2017 (right)

iPhone 9 specs and features – will the upgrade be worth it?

The biggest improvement (aside from the new design) will be in terms of performance.

That’ll come courtesy of a brand new processor built in-house by Apple.

Last year we got the impressive Apple A11 Bionic chip, which was around 25% faster than the Apple A10 processor.

For 2018, we’re expecting the Apple A12. We don’t know anything about it yet, but it’s guaranteed that it’ll be nippier than last year’s model.

new iphone 2018
We’re expecting three different size models of iPhone this year, all with roughly the same design

But we’re also expecting performance gains from iOS 12, the next major version of Apple’s iPhone software.

iOS 12 is set to formally release alongside the new iPhone models, and will come installed on them as standard.

Apple has boosted performance and app loading times with iOS 12, so your next iPhone should feel much faster to use.

It seems like Apple is sticking with the popular (but expensive) OLED screens for at least two of this year’s iPhone models – compared to just one in 2018.

new iphone 2018
Dimension leaks for the new iPhones have allowed gadget fans to create dummy prototypes

OLED screens can display a wider range of colours, and have improved contrast (so brighter whites and darker blacks).

They’re expensive to make, inevitably driving the cost of your phone up.

But they look great, and give Apple an edge over rival phone makers – so it’s no surprise the 2018 iPhones are looking likely to use the tech.

It’s also guaranteed that at least one of the new iPhone models will feature Apple’s Face ID tech.

After all, the new iOS 12 software includes a Memoji feature that uses Face ID to create an animated emoji version of yourself.

new iphone 2018
Here’s what Apple’s largest 2018 iPhone model should look like

Why would Apple add this feature if it was killing off Face ID? Hint: it wouldn’t.

Earlier this year, top GBH Insights analyst Daniel Ives told The Sun much the same.

“Facial recognition is a potential silver bullet innovation area that will play a centre-stage role in the next few iPhone models,” he explained.

“It’s a clear selling point around iPhone X, and Apple knows the next stage of innovation will be on the software and ‘under the hood’, rather than the design itself.”

iPhone 9 price – how much will they cost in the UK?

If anything puts you off buying an iPhone this year, it’ll likely be the cost – as always.

Apple smartphones are seriously premium and work well, but that quality means they’re also amongst the most expensive mobiles on the planet.

But this year’s pricing might not be as bad as you expect.

Apple faced plenty of criticism for last year’s iPhone trio, with handsets ranging from £699 right through to £1,149.

The iPhone X started at a ludicrous £999, which certainly put some buyers off.

There have been loads of pricing rumours this year, but it seems like expectations are settling on a minor price drop.

We’re expecting the cheapest model to cost £599, with the iPhone X sequel dropping to £899, and the top iPhone X Plus model starting at £999.

Of course, there’s no telling what Apple will do until its big launch event rolls around.

Until then, take all leaks and rumours with due caution – nothing is certain until Apple boss Tim Cook shows off the new gadgets on stage this September.

What would you like to see from the next iPhone? Let us know in the comments!

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