X Factor fans in hysterics as Louis Tomlinson calls EVERYONE ‘lad’

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LOUIS Tomlinson had X Factor viewers in hysterics after they noticed he called almost every act “lads”.

The former One Direction star uttered the word so many times that some viewers have invented a drinking game about it that could put them in the hospital.

Louis Tomlinson couldn’t help but call everyone lad

One viewer wrote: “Let’s drink everytime Louis say ‘Lad’ #XFactor”

A second wrote: “Take a shot every time Louis says ‘lad’ I promise you, by the time the show ends you’ll either be getting your stomach pumped or you’ll be dead x #XFactor”

A third had the same idea, tweeting: “Let’s play a game. Take a shot every time @Louis_Tomlinson says lad on the xfactor”

However another had a cash plan for his use of the word, writing: “Watching xfactor!! If I got £1 for every time @Louis_Tomlinson called someone a lad I’d be neighbours with @robbiewilliams and were only 2 contestants in!!”

The One Direction star has joined the judging panel for the new series
He called everyone lad, including men decades older than him

Others found it hilarious with one writing: “Best thing about #XFactor so far: Donny from 1D starting every bit of feedback with the word ‘Lads’.”

Another added: “I can’t help but laugh when #Louis keeps calling people lads …. ain’t you like 12 yourself? #XFactor”

“Louis Tomlinson is already irritating me,” said one adding: “Because it’s all “me me me” and saying lad 10000 times. #xfactor.”

Louis’ use of the word came a close second to fans other new favourite thing – Simon Cowell’s little blue fan.

Simon was obsessed with his little fan, as were viewers 

The music mogul has not picked up a Smurf as a new friend for the show, but instead bought himself a tiny little battery-operated fan to keep himself cool under the hot stage lights.

And it’s safe to say viewers are completely obsessed with it and took to Twitter to gush about it.

One said: “Simon with that fan, iconic #XFactor”

A second added: “Loving Simon and his mini fan! #XFactor”

He fanned himself cool through most of the auditions
He even kept hold of it when it was switched off

Another wrote: “Simon was just chilling with his fan #XFactor”

“Simon Cowell must be the first person to use one of those handheld fans not for a joke,” commented another viewer.

Although not everyone was so happy to see the little fan and they were equally as passionate on social media.

Telly presenter Toby Anstis begged: “Ok Simon, drop the blue fan #xfactor.”

Another viewer added: “Cowell’s little blue fan of sorrow #xfactor”

A third said: “With all the money this programme makes and the leaps in technology you would think that they could fix a small fan into the judges desk. Simon lose that little fan pal, not good. #XFactor”

The X Factor returns tomorrow night at 8pm on ITV.

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