106-year-old John McCain’s mother, Roberta, attends son’s burial services

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Roberta McCain, the mother of recently deceased American revered senator, John McCain, has been scheduled to attend the funeral rites of her son.

McCain died of brain cancer on August 25 at 81.

Now 106, Roberta, the wife of a Navy admiral and mother of a Navy captain lived a life full of travel and adventure, punctuated by her sass and determination.

She once said her son liked to hold her up as an example of “what he hopes his lifespan will be.”

But in the end, she is mourning him instead of the other way around.

Though slowed by a stroke, she is expected to attend memorial and burial services in Washington and Maryland later this week for the middle son she called “Johnny,” the Vietnam prisoner of war, congressman, senator and two-time presidential candidate who died of brain cancer on Saturday at age 81.

John McCain wrote in his final book, published this year, that his 106-year-old mother’s “vivaciousness is a force of nature” but that although a stroke has slowed her once-brisk pace and has made speaking a “chore,” she still has “a spark in her, a brightness in her eyes that would light up the world if she could resume her peripatetic life.”

Roberta McCain and her identical twin sister, Rowena Wright, who died in 2011, often traveled around the world together.

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