Prostitutes drug, rob unsuspecting clients

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A group of sex workers have been arrested for drugging and robbing their male customers at a brothel in Majorca area of Spain.

The gang, including a brothel madam and four prostitutes, are accused of spiking their clients’ drinks so that they could steal and abuse their credit cards.

But they were stopped in their tracks when undercover police began investigating the S’Aigo Dolca area after spotting a sharp rise in credit card fraud, Metro has reported, quoting the Spanish Ministry of the Interior.

In images taken by the Spanish Ministry of the Interior, the arrested women can be seen sitting on a red sofa together as two men beside them fill out forms.

It is believed that the brothel madam is of Brazilian nationality, while the sex workers are from Ghana and Romania.

According to police, the girls’ basic strategy was to spike the drinks of their unassuming male customers, rendering them unconscious.

They say men would then be easy targets to steal from, often with little memory afterwards and therefore less grounds to complain about the huge bill they had run up at the bar.

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