Tyson Fury sings American Pie as he prepares for Deontay Wilder fight in US before opening up on suicide battle

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TYSON FURY led the renditions of American Pie as he prepares for the bright lights of Las Vegas.

But he touched on the dark moments that left him contemplating suicide.

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder came face-to-face in the ring after the Brit’s win over Francesco Pianeta
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Following the Gypsy King’s shutout points victory over Francesco Pianeta, it was confirmed that he would face WBC king Deontay Wilder next, likely to be in Vegas.

At the post-fight presser, Fury was his usual jovial self after a routine victory – his second following a 32-month spell out of the ring.

After encouraging press and friends crammed into the Windsor Park media room to sing along to the Don McLean classic, the undefeated heavyweight shed light on some of his darkest moments of his life.

The 30-year-old admitted he came close to ending his life – a far cry from the fame and millions that await him over in the US.

Tyson Fury was never troubled as he cruised past Francesco Pianeta in Belfast
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WBC champ Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury are set to clash in Las Vegas
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But he insists he is in boxing to try and help others overcome life’s greatest problems.

He said: “I believe it is written in the stars, everything has turned around for me in the last four years, and I am so, so thankful for that.

“The fans have been so supportive, sending me good luck messages, and I do feel I have got everyone behind me now.

“I’m not doing it for me, I’m doing it for them, I’m doing it for all the people who do suffer with things.

“While I have been here I have been speaking to people with mental health problems on a daily basis.

“I do take pride in that. After boxing I want to become a therapist, to help people, it’s something I’m good at.

“If I can come back from the brink of defeat, I can do anything. I’ve shown what life is like on the other side of having no hope, nothing.

“But I know now it’s about being in a good place and the good is so much better than the bad.

“I’m sat here in a great frame of mind, and that’s worth anything that money can buy.

Tyson Fury got his hands on the WBC belt but had to give it back to the American
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“At one stage I thought I would end up in a padded room never mind boxing, I didn’t think I was going to survive, I was on the verge of committing suicide.

“But I don’t want a pat on the back, for people to say ‘oh look Tyson Fury’s gives the poor £20’.

“I’ve no interest in getting a pat on the back by a man. God says do your god deeds in private and you will be rewarded in heaven.”

Fury won every round of his second comeback fight against a gallant, if not lethargic, Pianeta.